Cancellation and Refund Process for Razorpay

To ensure a smooth cancellation and refund process, customers using Razorpay are advised to follow the steps outlined below:

Initiating Cancellation

For any queries related to the full or partial cancellation of orders, customers should directly contact the TSEWCT. Razorpay serves as a payment gateway and does not handle shipping or order dispatch. Therefore, customers should communicate directly with the TSEWCT for cancellation requests.

Refund Initiation

If a refund is initiated, or if the order is not generated at the time of the transaction, customers should expect the credit in their bank account within 5-7 business days. In case the refund does not reflect in the bank account, customers can contact Razorpay for refund-related queries.

Filing a Dispute

In the event of non-responsiveness from the TSEWCT, customers can contact Razorpay to mediate and resolve the issue.

Timely Complaint Filing

Customers should wait for 7-10 business days for physical goods and 1 business day for digital goods. If the goods or services are not received within the specified time interval, or if the received items are materially different, defective, or damaged, customers should refer to the terms & conditions, shipping policy, and refund policy on the TSEWCT's website and contact the TSEWCT to resolve the issue.

Contacting Razorpay

In case the TSEWCT does not respond to emails and phone calls within 3-5 working days, customers can reach out to Razorpay to mediate and resolve the issue.

Refund Policy

Providing Details

By following these steps, customers can effectively navigate the cancellation and refund process when using Razorpay as their payment solution.